Biking isn’t just a passion for us at Bomb Biking, it is a lifestyle.  Our approach to our company comes from experience working with explosives in the military and the attention to detail that goes along with it.  With that experience it allows us to provide the best content and products possible to help all riders improve their time on a bike.  Whether it is a bmx, mountain bike, road bike, or even a unicycle, there is not much else to do but get out and BOMB THE HILL!

Though we have been in the community for quite sometime now, there is still a lot we want to accomplish! We hope we can do this through this site and the various other outlets we have. This site is our first step in uniting the community and give a way for people to support and promote the community that allows all bikers to get featured! We will be providing you with the best lifestyle and functional active gear out there! Further, we also have a blog section on this site where we will be posting news in the community and also exclusive interviews with professional bikers, so make sure you follow along with us! With this just being the tip of the ice berg, we really hope you stick with us for the ride!

Founded last year in Oregon, Bomb Biking was started by Air Force munnitions technician Jeff Tracy. In the office, he worked on bombs, out the office, he worked on bombing the hill. Being a avid bike rider of over 15 years, Jeff gained lots of experience and love from the sport. He shared his love with close friends and family who also held the same passion, however being at work, indoors most of the day, there was no way to keep up with the outdoors it seemed. This is what lead Jeff to create Bomb Biking,   being a professional by no means, he still wanted to share his biking photos and videos with people and also watch their videos, and the Bomb Biking instagram page created that platform! With the thousands of people supporting and sending in there photos as the months went on, it was clear Jeff wasn't the only one with the same desire. Fast forward a year and 50,000 people later, we are here we take the next steps to advance the community and give all bike riders from all walks of life and skill sets a platform to share their passion and connect with liked minded individuals!