I personally do not have many problems when it comes to biking.  I love the whole aspect of biking, the community, the adrenaline, the fitness, and of course the freedom.  The one thing however that I just cannot agree with is the cost of the sport.  Everything from the gear, to the parts, and then there are the bikes can be so expensive.  Crazy to think you can choose between a motorcycle or small car and a new bike at some levels.  With that being said, when I can save a few dollars on biking related purchases I jump on it.  That is where this 2l hydration bladder comes in, an inexpensive replacement bladder for you Camelback or other like bags.

I was contacted by SR Sports to see if they could send me this bladder and review it for the page's followers.  I have had to buy replacement bladders before for my riding packs before so I figured what the hell, lets do it.

To start, there is not much you can say to glamorize a bag that holds water (or adult beverages, which is why I have had to replace them before.  I do not recommend that.)  When I received it, it looked a lot like some of the other bladders I have purchased before, which made me think this review would be pretty boring if not difficult to do.  

The first thing I noticed is the handle which initially I thought was pointless.  After having to carry it around though, I quickly realized how much easier it made holding onto it.  A little something I wouldn't have thought about or needed, but a nice bonus since it is there.

Next, was finding how to fill it up.  Unlike other bladders i have owned in the past this one did not have a twist off lid, but instead you slide the handle off the top of the bladder.  The top of the bladder is folded over with a special tab to secure the handle/lid into place.  This thing did not leak much to my surprise, and the lid was a lot easier to put back on then I would have figured.

The final step was to test it out.  Pretty straight forward with any bladder bag.  Put the hose in your mouth and suck out water.  This is where I started to doubt this thing.  Nothing, no water even coming up through the hose even.  Figured that would make the review easy, did not do the one thing it was designed to do.  That is when I noticed the words on and off on the nozzle.  Gently bit down on the nozzle and pulled and you feel a click, once that happened it worked exactly as I was expecting.  Then to close you just have to simply push it back in. This prevents any leaking which I hate especially when your driving to the riding spot and it leaks all over your gear without you knowing.

Overall I was impressed about this bladder and will recommend it to my friends.  It comes back to me liking to save money, which I think most people can agree with.  This is an inexpensive alternative if you need to get a replacement bladder that works great.  

You can get it here: https://goo.gl/sWW47O 

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